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Romantic Libra loves an extended courtship—long dinners, vacations and lavish gifts. Shrewd, suspicious Scorpio will subject Libra to a battery of character tests, gauging whether Libra can be trusted. Libra is an incurable dilettante whose surface skimming can feel lightweight beside Scorpio's obsessive, detail-focused nature. Because your temperaments are so different, your initial phase can be fraught with misunderstandings.

Virgo & Libra: Love Compatibility

Libra is an outgoing butterfly and an unrepentant flirt, provoking Scorpio's jealousy at every turn. Possessive Scorpio prefers passionate bedside confidentials to paparazzi and parties, but Libra quickly feels smothered without a social scene.

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To say you'll need compromise is an understatement. Combine your strengths, though, and you can also make a powerful society couple—with Scorpio dominating the world from behind the scenes, and Libra presiding as its lovely, doe-eyed diplomat. You're fast friends who make each other laugh, sharing a sharp, sarcastic wit. People watching is your favorite pastime, and you can amuse each other with clever observations all day. Romantic Libra brings poetry and flowers to Sag's gritty, profanity-strewn world, and active Sagittarius gets Libra's nose out of the rosebush.

Still, your different paces could cause friction. Languid Libra likes to take everything slow, weighing and measuring possibilities on those iconic Scales before acting. Naturally, this frustrates impetuous Sag's text-message attention span. The Archer prefers to leap before looking, relying on luck and goodwill to save the day. Such gambling and lack of security throws Libra's delicate constitution into a tizzy. Sagittarius' half-baked ideas and churlish outbursts rain public embarrassment on Libra's carefully cultivated rep.

When Libra plays damsel or dude in distress, independent Sag flees instead of saving the day. So why stay together? At the end of the day, your friendship remains solid. There's no conflict you can't talk through after a time-out. Although you may drift in and out of platonic feelings, you genuinely care for each other—and that speaks volumes. Capricorn is the provider sign, forever seeking a mate in need of financial backing. Libra is a vain dilettante who's happy to play muse to an Earthy benefactor. You have your oft-irreconcilable differences, yet you stay together all the same.

In many ways, you have what the other needs. Libra is a master of social graces with a billion air-kissed "friends. Libra spends on impulsive pleasures; Capricorn plans for tomorrow. Battles can be brutal. You're both convinced of your natural superiority; your haughty contretemps and ego showdowns merit a Bravo series. Of course, antisocial Capricorn would never allow cameras into the estate, while Libra would whip together a stylist, understudy and five-star craft services.

Therein lies the difference: your values. Not an easy hurdle to scale, even for a determined Goat or a patient Judge. A successful relationship will require much compromise. The fawning affection romantic Libra craves will be in short order. Capricorn shows love through acts of service and loyalty, not pandering.

Libra must learn to accept love in a less-adorned package, and trade a few parties for cozy nights in.

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Capricorn must exit the cave to meet new people, play host and smile once a season. You can do it—but will you be happy? That's the question. You're one of the zodiac's easiest matches: just two carefree Air signs breezing through life with a full roster of friends, travels and adventures. Together, it's twice the fun. Every stranger is greeted by your hail-fellow-well-met embrace, and you collect friends wherever you go. Indeed, you may meet while chatting at the cheese counter, lounging poolside on the Riviera, or in a dog park scene reminiscent of an Ephron rom-com picture Aquarius' retriever pouncing on Libra's dainty teacup terrier—what a metaphor.

Your conversational chemistry guarantees a great first date, even if the prevailing vibe is platonic. If you hit it off, you'll host lavish parties with an eclectic mix of Aquarius' artsy, leftist comrades and Libra's highbrow circle, bringing them all together with panache.

Caution: your casual natures can impede intimacy. In private, you can both be moody, making pouty, indirect plays for affection and sex. Aquarius is also far less romantic than Libra, at least in the traditional sense. That humanitarian bent will clash with Libra's caviar wishes animal cruelty! Most days, you take those differences in stride. Having a lifelong playmate is worth it. Drifting into a dappled dreamscape of your own imagination, your poetic souls entwine against astrological odds.

Libra is an Air sign and Pisces is a Water sign; together you can stir a gentle sea breeze or drown in your own sexual tsunami. But oh, the romance is worth it. Like any good bodice-ripper, there's passion, intrigue and mystique to spice up this storyline. You can get lost for days in a decadent meal, a gorgeous sonata, each other's luminous eyes. While the cynics gag, they secretly envy your enchanted, oxytocin-addled bliss. Living in a fantasy is fun for your signs, and gratification eclipses all boundaries and structures. Another Sancerre, an hour less sleep—it can all be justified in the name of pleasure.

It's when reality steps in that things get hairy. After waking past noon in your umpteenth limb-and-linen tangle, you remember that pesky paycheck, your stuffed Inbox, the unopened mail. Hung over and wholly unequipped to deal with the overwhelm, you lash out at each other. Without outside contact and obligations to anchor you, you can both descend into bouts of moodiness, indulgence and even depression.

Have the chance to meet an aries man. Please let this be less drama then the leo man who dumped me :s. All sadi and done Aries man esentially does good. Libra gal does not intentinly to flirt…. Kindness is unpleasing …sigh. We are the scales good at it always! That Sunday we talked he told me that he needed at least 2 or 3 days. Direct questions but they may bring out what you really want.

Would be interesting to know. Please do share with us. Still getting to know each other and taking things slow but still a bit concerned or worried. When we were both happy everything went smooth but once we were both in a bad mood it was all downhill and seemed to have no ending. Really hoping to have a great start and great outcome with this Aries man, but only time will tell. This whole astrology info really does help!

We have already bumped heads because of some of the things he have said really hurt my feelings and he was acting as if he expected us to move on from that as if nothing happened.

Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Due to that issue everytime I spoke with him I was kind of distant and had an attitude because the issues before had not been talked about or resolved so yes I was acting a little funny. He told me he loved me within the first 2 months of us dating. Instead of me giving up like I have with guys in the past, I decided to try something else with him because I really do like him and can see we could have a future together. I felt everytime I would try to bring up the issue that hurt my feelings we would just start arguing over petting things. I decided to write him a letter telling him exactly how I felt and to see what we were doing because if we were going to continue to fight we just needed to move on.

Too my surprise he actually listened to what I was saying and we were able to have a heart to heart. After the talk I have noticed little things he have already tried to change and we are now back happier than ever and have agreed that we need to start talking everything out.

Sun enters Scorpio

What can I say I love my Aries man and hope he will one day be my husband. I believe that as long as there is a understanding between the two things will balance out. I am 33 years of age and the guy I liked was I started liking this dude and I thought he was His appearance spoke, strong, dominant, loving, suave, attentive, all about business and more. I emailed him my information and he contacted me the next day. We went on dates, we talked over the phone, we texted every chance we got. Life was good…for three weeks! He had to go out of town for a week during the fourth of July.

Ok…I called, no answer…I called …thinking something was wrong, but he would text that he was out with friends…ok. He stop calling like he used to, his long text became one word text, he would text several hours later, he would call maybe on the fourth day after you asked him to call you…he changed…dramatically…he just stopped…everything. My point to say all of this is that Aries man is what their sign is…stubborn, mean, and loving. Yes, I still think about him, but I know over time he will be a figment of my imagination…and it needs to hurry up!

But never give up on love, no matter what his sign maybe God has a way of bringing that special one to you even if you have doubts of not dating that sign that broke your heart…! I have been fascinated with aquarian people since I started dealing with astrology roughly ten yrs ago. I fell in love with an aquarius 10 yrs ago, but we remained frineds until i was 23 and thats when we finally hooked up.

We broke up in June and everything has remained the same between us up until a couple of weeks ago, when i read on this site that he was being the best to me because he would never want to be in a reltionship again. I was so hurt because I felt like all the romance and sweet talk meant we were going to hook back up. After reading this I did some soul searching and realized the horoscope was right and he was being sweet so he didnt have to be with me anymore.

He of course is an Aries. This passage said something about by the time we hook up we will probably know what we want out of a mate. I have my fingers crossed that this is it, we already have a host of mutual friends who are married and are both looking to settle down and buy a house.

I am moving fast in my own mind, but i have made my mind up on what I want and just hope that my aries is my last!!! I am a Libra lady who has been captivated by my Aries man for 3 months now. He has kept me on my toes from the start with his smooth comments and gestures, but he turns it all off with the flick of a switch. He recently told me he wants this to be serious and that he loves me. Stay on the move, walk wherever you go, and stretch as much as you can so stagnant energies can finally get entangled and released.

Libras with a stable family life could approach a large crash in July, but breakups and negative turnouts should be avoided in the end. This year enriches your entire emotional world and might be difficult at times for it is your task to dive into deep feeling, so you can come out with your desires clear and your moves obvious.

This is a bad time to start an affair or indulge in immoral activities that bring a sense of guilt your way. Hold on to your dignity every step of the way and keep close people even closer when times get a bit rough. Try to balance out your professional and private worlds as much as possible.

Aries Man and Libra Woman Compatibility – Aquarian Astrology

Lack of focus could lead to some disturbing professional consequences in July, but crisis should be averted or resolved by the beginning of autumn. Too many things you wish to do could mess with your ability to organize well, and this will reflect not only on work related matters but on your wallet too. This is a time to think big and prioritize, so instead of spending enormous amounts on shoes, accessories, restaurants and weekends away, buy a ticket to a faraway land and lay all small things to rest.

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