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It should be considered to find out the exact date of the marriage. To study the prospect of your marriage, overall strength of 7 th house is studied first. After this analysis, the position and nature of planet Jupiter and characteristics of 5 th house are studied to get the date predictions of marriage.

The marriage prospects are indicated when the 7 th house of your horoscope is inspected by planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun.

Wedding date astrology decoded.

These all planets are known as top rated planets in reference to marriage. When all these planets influence the 7 th house, they indicate an early and successful marriage. The presence of Venus along with the Lord of the Lagna is a strong indication of marriage. However, there are conditions that make the prospects of marriage remote. Also, it is an important aspect to check whether one is manglik or not.

The placement of Mars in your horoscope explains the mangal dosha. If it is placed in 4 th , 7 th or 12 th house of your horoscope, you have mangal dosh. The mangal dosha can be high or low depending upon the different aspects of the Mars. However, a manglik can marry another manglik only. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content As per our Hindu traditions and our society, marriage is the ultimate target.

How to the predict the Timing of Marriage? (Vedic Astrology)

How your date of birth horoscope helps to find out the prospect of marriage? The association of Jupiter with Mars and Saturn decreases the prospects of marriage. Also, the marriage will go through many ups and downs depending upon the nature of such planets.

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

Such marriages go through many disturbances. There are various marriage calculators available on various websites. Once filled with your birthday details, these calculators analyze every possible aspect of your birth chart.

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They study the influence of various planets present in your horoscope and how these planets dictate the possibility of your marriage. The timing and nature of your marriage is also dictated by these planets. Also, these planets dictate how your married life will be. Basics Face Shapes. When Will You Get Married? Marriage is one of the most important events in our life.

When will I get Married Astrology by Date of Birth?

Some people get married early while some are left over. If you are worrying about when you will get married, you can read your palms to know the answer.

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  5. Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth.
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  7. Marriage Horoscope and Astrology Prediction by Date of birth!
  8. Marriage line, heart line and finger length can tell when you are most likely to get married. To a certain degree, they may suggest whether you will get married early or late. Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3.

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    The finger length also indicates the early or late marriage. If you have longer ring finger, you tend to be romantic and attractive to your lover and fall in love or get married early. If you have longer little finger, you tend to be eloquent and smart and have the potential attractive to the opposite sex, thus more likely to get married early. Longer Index Finger Suggests Late Marriage With longer index finger, you are ambitious and competitive, go after fame and money and devote yourself to career regardless of the fleeting time.

    In this way, you may miss the prime marriage age and be left over for late marriage. Note: The above way is about how to calculate marriage age in palmistry, it's one of the ways to know when will you get married.