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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Gemini October Career Horoscope. Overview Love Money. Daily one email per day. Weekly and Monthly one email per week. Share this. Me September 15th, Like 0. Mizzi July 10th, Spot on!! Simmons June 9th, Cobra December 14th, If u r unhappy get division and lead ur life as u want with freedom or Prepare for consequences Like 0.

Kartalways June 4th, One last thing plz do not hate somone for he does not stand upto ur expectations for every thing is fair in love n war Like 0. Burgos Southerrn Leyte on October 13, at am Like 0. Am I Zinedine? How can we expand our life experience and improve our luck?

gemini Horoscope

Read more about Jupiter in the Signs. Learn all about the signs of the zodiac. Learn the meanings of the planets and points in your natal chart:. Born October 9 - Work or special projects can be exciting and rewarding. Even so, there can be some ups and downs in love or with money You are a study in contradictions. Although compassionate, humanitarian, and egalitarian at least in theory, you can also be domineering when the mood strikes you.

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Your moods and behavior swings can be frustrating for others and for yourself! You love to debate and you have a way with words. You are not tolerant of narrow-minded thinking.

Hard work pays off in 12222!

You possess considerable strength of character, and partnership is extremely important to you. You live by your own truth and you are responsible.

Horoscopes – The Oracle of Imagination

The following are our intermediate astrology main topics. Click on these departments to access multiple articles on the subject:. Chinese Astrology — learn your sign, element, and about the year ahead, , the Year of the Pig or Earth Boar. The Lunar New Year and astrological year began on February 4th and 5th, You may be working to become less materialistic or could encounter unexpected circumstances that prompt a fluctuating or uncertain income. The best advice for increasing your earning power now is to nurture your latent inventive or progressive, future-oriented talents.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Joint finances will be affected due to separations, changes in priorities and your own transformation. Caution is not cowardly. Carelessness is not courage. You can now make money, invest in ventures and find new tricks to earn your gold. A stable mind and a right attitude help you to prosper everywhere. Make most of the resources, be realistic in your expectations and keep your morals high. This is a fine time to get rid of obsessions, attachments and addictions, and live a balanced life.

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These include your relationships, wealth or money matters especially debts and shared resources , and your habits. Some of you may experience dissatisfaction and frustrations getting what you want. You have modest funds and finances but are interested in clearer investments to sense accomplishment. Steer clear of excesses and behave more responsibly.

You now feel and learn a deeper meaning of everything around you. Your plans and ideas are in place but will take time to get recognized.

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  6. Channel your restlessness productively to breakthrough and attain victory. Pleasing fallout comes to you as you are full of energy and enthusiasm and use this newfound vigor to concentrate better on the many activities that are clamoring for your attention. You enjoy ease and gratification in numerous aspects of your life.

    You can now relax and indulge yourself in pleasures of life. You are likely to establish or solidify a significant partnership. You are likely to reach out to people from various backgrounds and these associations could be confusing at times. This is one of the most propitious phases as you can hear the wedding bells anytime. Love and faith gets all your attention now. Interpersonal relationships make for pleasant times and you involve yourself in stimulating conversations and dining with your lover. Your spouse supports all your efforts and helps you in all possible ways.

    Gemini Horoscope Monthly October 12222

    You both now share a very strong and amorous bond. You find yourself more amazingly experimenting with new things which are not only beneficial but also provide you with internal happiness and strength. Some of you may find it difficult to strike a cordial note to match your ethics and the environment around you.

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    People may try to take advantage of your morality and you may experience trouble brewing in your life. Life is not a problem to be solved or a question to be answered. But how does it possible every gemeniun is in the same ship. I believe individual reading will help more. The only thing that i think is money right now and a new job that can improve my current situation.