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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

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Browse webinars. Virtual Summits. Contact Info. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Venus was retrograde for 40 days.

Monthly Horoscope

The flood story in the Bible extended over a period of 40 days. Jesus fasted for 40 days. The Israelites wandered in the dessert for 40 days. In numerology, 40 is associated with elevated conscientiousness. Each zodiac sign is held within 30 degrees. When Venus went retrograde in Scorpio, it had experienced feelings of oppression in that zodiac sign. In Scorpio, Venus is in it's detriment. It's not happy in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and it can desire freedom from secrets or taboos.

In September , Venus turned retrograde while in the zodiac sign Scorpio when Jupiter leaving the same sign.

Venus Direct In Libra Astrology Effects On Each Zodiac Sign November 16, Horoscope | YourTango

Jupiter was demanding while in the sign of Scorpio, as it asked for adjustments to be bone deep in order to be true to the self. But in November, Jupiter is no longer in Scorpio focusing on change. Now, Jupiter is in Sagittarius learning, growing, and stimulating progress with joy as a new adventure. All this happened while Venus was retrograde moving back.

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Perhaps signally, that these changes require commitment to self. Setting the self at the forefront of these decisions can make everything else fall into place the way it was meant to be in the first place. Venus is represented by a hieroglyph that looks like a bump in the road, or a type of bridge from one side to another.

As such, the zodiac sign is known for bringing balance, creating karmic equilibrium and helping partnerships form amicably. Venus is associated with the element of air, and this enhances the way that you think, communicate thoughts and ideas that lift your heart and spirit. Venus and Pluto are the only two planets in the solar system whose retrograde season are not illusions.

Venus retrograde is often considered a time when the love planet is invisible and and its influences are not as impactful on a universal scale. Some astrologers strongly advise against making any life changing decisions during a Venus retrograde season. Some astrologer recount personal stories and those of clients where romance started during Venus retrograde were more like false starts with painful endings. Yes, that's right.

Venus will not go retrograde for nearly an entire year. Mars won't either. This means you have one full year to have better luck in love. Venus is happiest in Libra and Taurus where her energy is expressed with clarity. In Libra, the beauty of relationships are magnified. There's opportunity to love and have emotions reciprocated.

People grow when love is nurtured and when relationships are fair and balanced. Venus expresses herself best in Libra in the form of justice, fairness, and using intuition to understand how to improve situations when life isn't going the way that it should in money, relationships, or business. Not only does Venus turn direct today, but it spent its entire retrograde period in communication with every planet and the Sun for the last 40 days.

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Today, Mercury, now in Sagittarius for the past week, turns retrograde, contracts, agreements, commitments may come back for review. This is an opportunity to break free from restrictions from the past and to have you heart align with your work.

Let's not forget that Uranus in Aries squares the nodes today and Venus, opening a new phase of love. Just a month ago, Chiron went retrograde then re-entered Pisces, and weaknesses can become great strengths or sources of wisdom. The universe is making prime opportunities and celestial offerings on a karmic scale. The re-emphasizes that was about restructuring, recalibration, rediscovering things about yourself, your relationships, career, what you love and what brings you pain in order to prepare for a powerful of growth, planting and harvesting.


Aries, the 7th house of the zodiac is your love and relationship space, but it's also the place that marks career, networking and business opportunities. If you started a new relationship or just met someone, gradually over the next year and throughout , you will learn what your heart really wants to encounter in a loving relationship. There can be a type of lifting of the veil, so to speak, and you will see areas of your life where you may have compromised for the sake of survival, or have accepted less than you deserved because you didn't really know any better.

Decan 1 Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

This is a great time to reset your standards and to also be honest and forthright in the area of love. Say what you mean and mean what you say is a great rule of thumb for this time. Taurus, Venus becomes direct and visible in the area of your work and also your health. If you work in the health care industry or wanted to start a health and wellness business, this can be a time of prosperity and growth.

You may see partnerships that went wrong start to improve. You will start to feel better, too. You may start to feel as though you have air to breathe and new vitality.

Love Horoscope 12222

This is a wonderful time to think about areas of self care. Take time to meditate. Think about the things you want to do in and start moving towards more balance and clarity in the area of work and health. Gemini, when Venus turns direct and becomes visible in you romance and happiness. If there were some hardships you've endured in the area of love and romance, you will start to see improvements. Things can start to feel more like they used to do, or you may start to think with greater clarity and less bothered by circumstances that you can't control.

You may find that you are more open to exploring the world in a new way. You may be invited to more activities and parties. Venus is associated to the element of air, so the natural talents you possess that are often expressed in your ability to move freely can open up for you to use as well. Note, Mercury, your ruling planet goes retrograde in your 7th house so, if you may realize something about a relationship that needs working on but this can come to a happy closure.